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Asphalt 9: Legends 2018

                                     Asphalt Video game entertains and educates us, and can also provide a relaxing way of converse with each other. Learn more about the latest games and just having more fun, with the following article.

Top Rated games are given below;

1.    Asphalt (series)

2.    NFS (series)

3.    Forza horizon (series)

4.    Gran Turismo (series)

5.    Fall out (series)

6.    Dirt rally

7.    F1 (series)

8.    Drive club

9.    Project cars

10.    Assetto Corsa

Many other top racing games are not mentioned here, but you can search later on the internet.

Release Date: Android, iOS, and Windows

                      This game firstly released for iOS versions on 26th February 2018 in the Philippines. Then it was launched in Thailand on 22nd March 2018. Later on, it released for Android on 17th May 2018. Pre Registered A9 began on 29th June 2018. For Window 10 and PC’s officially announced on 25th July 2018. Now it available on every platform.

Trailer of Asphalt 9: Legends

A9 Requirements for iOS and Android:

The Minimum requirements for android 4.3 with at least 4 GB free memory and 1 GB RAM.  For Apple, Phones requires at least iPhone 5s or later. If you want to play it smoothly then you should have at least 6 GB free space and  2GB RAM.

App Store Link:

Add store link


A9 Requirements for PC, Windows:

     OS               Windows 10
     DirectX              Version 10
     Graphics              Intel HD Graphics 4000
     Memory              4 GB
     Processor              Core i3 (3.3 GHz)


  • ü Select  your  Control style
  • ü Use Master Nitro
  • ü Collect Flags
  • ü Upgrade Remembered
  • ü Get extra cash; Play again

 Sound Tracks of Asphalt 9:

  1.       Bassnectar — Speakerbox (feat. Lafa Taylor)
  2.       Dancing Astronaut — Premiere: Lemaitre – Higher
  3.       Death From Above 1979 — Freeze Me
  4.       Feed Me — Starcrash
  5.       handsome dad records — Spring King – City
  6.       JOYRYDE — THE BOX
  7.       KALEO — Hot Blood
  8.       Last Gang Records —My Name Is Thunder
  9.       Moby — Hey! Hey!
  10.       Mondo Cozmo — Sixes and Sevens
  11.       MUTEMATH — War
  12.       Nicky Romero — Nicky Romero & John Christian
  13.       Papa Roach — Born For Greatness
  14.       Pimps of Joytime — The Jump
  15.       Smallpools — Run With the Bulls
  16.       UmmetOzcan — Ummet Ozcan X Lucas & Steve – Higher
  17.       Viper Recordings — InsideInfo – Renegade (feat. Jakes)
  18.       Vitalic Official — Vitalic • Second Lives

Asphalt 9 Wallpapers:

Top 5 Star Cars in Asphalt 9:

Ø  Bugatti Chiron

Image result for Bugatti Chiron asphalt 9

Ø  Koenigsegg Regera

Related image

Ø  W Motors Fenyr Supersport

Ø  TRION Nemesis

Ø  Porsche 918 Spyder

Ø  Pagani HyperSport

Ø  Apollo N

Related image

Ø  Pagani Huayra BC

Related image

Ø  Lamborghini Egoista

Image result for Lamborghini Egoista car

Ø  Sin R1 550

Related image

Ø  Icona Vulcano Titanium

Related image

Ø  Ferrari FXX-K

Related image

Ø  Lamborghini Aventador SV Coupe

Related image

Why We can’t play ASPHALT 9 without WiFi?

                         Add embedding is the primary purpose of making money in games; add should be visible if you are online. That’s why games require internet while playing it.


                There is a short answer; all games have their tricks.

People are always trying to cheat over the other players in games constantly. Don’t use any cheats on any games. Do it yourself.

 You know people use cheats to win. If you any of them, report them, cheaters. I also encountered them in games too.

 I face troubles much time and other people too, they destroy the enjoyment of the game.

Different types of asphalt:

There are three main categories;

                   1-Surface Course

                   2-Binder Course

                   3-Base Course

            They are the main categories by the amount of fine aggregate.

Surface asphalt is the best because it allows finishing smoothly on the other hand Base Course is much different and compacted. These asphalts have different types of grades by concrete which I added on the road. Those different grades should be used for different kinds of areas and climates.

Difference between Asphalt 8 and Asphalt 9? Which one is better?

                   Difference?? Huh! Let’s start to find the difference between specs of both games A8 and A9. As you know both are car games, so it’s clear that these have no much difference. In car games we first select a car and choose a track, there are lots of cars and tracks, but we prefer our favorite one.

             Both games have the same starting process and same modes like multiplayer, career etc. A8 and A9 have same controls also. And many other things that both have the same and some different specs, let’s go to describe one by one;

v  Graphics. First one and the main thing in every game is its graphics. As you know nowadays, everyone has a smartphone with high specs, so everyone tries to play a game which has high graphics. A9 has better graphics because it launched recently in the past month; it looks like real racing and has many details.

v  Garage and map selection. As you know A8 is an older version, it has fewer amounts of cars and their specs. A9 is a more developed game with more additional luxurious vehicles. On the other hand, A8 has a map which one famous in its time. Now A9 launched to lessen the importance of A8 because it has many new racing tracks with different climates.


v  Gameplay experience. A8 has a low resolution; many people appreciate A9 because it has better quality while playing on mobile. This is a positive point for A9 because of friendly playing on mobile. As my personal experience, you can play A9 more properly than A8. So by experience award goes to A9.

  • Car As you consider the existence of beautiful cars like SLK 55AMG which have unique addition, it will fly on the road with full speed. MP4-25 goes full speed from standstill within 2 seconds. In comparison, A9 does not give you the outlandish surety cars.
  • A8 has more variety in both of type hacks and numbers; it has motorbikes, trucks and many hottest wheels, while A9 stuck with cars.




At last, in the end, I recommended you to play and enjoy both A8 and A9 because these are not much differing from another. Try it yourself and select one of them according to your interest.



  • Asphalt 9 is released globally. If you will be rejected with some errors like,


“This game is not available in your country”.


  • So, that’s Asphalt 9 game is not the original one, try to find the original one, because of cons of the game show message like this.
  • If you are still facing that problem yet to downloading Asphalt 9 legends, then comment in the below comment section, and I shall give you the link of the Asphalt Series.

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